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The Business Education Center is based on rich experience of its founders and work in the field of informal education. The basic idea is to compensate through informal education for the lack of skills and knowledge gained in regular education. The end result of our education is to find better paid job or possible retraining in another sector, as well as the option of going to countries where there is a need for particular staff. The education system is based on the modules so that students do not waste time on mastering modules that are unimportant to them; they only attend the courses they need, and those that can enhance their CV.
The lecturers are experienced professionals who, in addition to theoretical knowledge, also have extensive knowledge in working in respective companies.

After the completion of the courses, we organize a final test and award of certificates. If you believe you already have the appropriate level of knowledge, it is possible to organize sitting for an exam for a certain certificate without completing the course.